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RCEL Grant


What is RCEL Grant ?
The Royel Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) provdes welfare support for ex-serviceman and women of commonwealth countries who have at some time reserved the British crown and residing in Bangladesh (For Bangladesh).

Who are Eligible ?
Those Bangaldeshi soldiers who reserved in British crown before 1947 are eligible to get the RCEL grant. If soldier is not alive their alive widow will get the grant.

Procedure of Grant :

  • The eligible applicant to collect the form from concern DASB/on line from BASB website.
  • After filling the form submits to concern DASB/online submit to concern DASB.

Scrutiny ?
After receiving the filled up form concern DASB will verify and forward to BASB HQ.

Final Approval
A Board composed at BASB HQ will finaly recommened for approval Director BASB will than apporve. After approval of Director Check will be issued to the individual through concern DASB.

Necessary documents :
To apply for RCEL grant the under mentioned documents are required :

  • Pension Book (photocopy)
  • National ID card (photocopy)
  • Photo (passport size) – 02 copies
  • Chairman certificate -01 copy